Final stretch: the summer season is fast approaching! Although it often signals the arrival of summer holidays, this period is often very busy and conducive to stress. Emergencies are repeated and accumulate. Your schedule is overloaded and inextensible. Fortunately, anti-stress tricks exist to fight the pressure and motivate you until the end of the year.

  1. Take a step back to be optimistic

Before you can pack your bags, many tasks must often be finalized. These even tend to multiply a few days before your departure on vacation. Particularly stressful, these last-minute missions significantly affect your mood and your daily life. Yet, faced with this overwork, some of your colleagues seem more relaxed. Why this difference? We do not all react in the same way to stress. The difference lies mainly in our ability to step back from certain events or missions.

In practice: Taking a step back makes it possible to measure the importance and urgency of certain tasks. You can then prioritize certain missions and work more efficiently. Result: a good dose of optimism to motivate yourself until the end of the year!

  1. Know how to delegate to limit the end of year pressure

By taking a step back, it also becomes possible to delegate certain tasks to your colleagues. Some of them may be better able to carry out these missions. Keep those that are related to your core business and delegate all others. Be careful, delegating does not mean getting rid of a mission. For this new work organization to be successful, each member of the team must be made accountable by clearly explaining the objectives and issues of those missions. It is then necessary to follow the evolution of the delegated work.

In practice: Knowing how to delegate makes it possible to cope with a lot of work overload. As a team, you can work more efficiently and more relaxed. Result: a good team spirit to overcome this last straight line!

  1. Know how to say no to avoid work overload

Sometimes taking a step back and delegating is not enough to cope with work overload. This is often the sign of a goal too ambitious, which can result in a state of permanent stress and affect your daily life. To avoid this kind of stressful situation, it is important to know how to say no, whether it is too much work, an unworkable set point or too short a deadline. Saying no does not necessarily mean refusing a job, but rather finding a compromise to enable you to achieve this mission effectively.

In practice: Learning to say no allows you to (re) take control of your time and your work. You can then keep your commitments without stress. Result: optimum efficiency to end the year in style!

  1. Bet on natural remedies to fight against anxiety

Overwork is one of the major causes of work stress. Numerous studies have shown that this professional stress has a negative impact, both on the health of the body and on the quality of the work. Less successful, a stressed person tends to accumulate work. To avoid getting into this vicious circle, natural anti-stress products exist. The best known is GABA , for gamma-aminobutyric acid, which is a neurotransmitter to reduce the excitation of neurons. Food supplements have also been formulated from active ingredients extracted from anti-stress plants. This is particularly the case of L-Theanine, an active ingredient in green tea known for its relaxing properties.

In practice: Betting on anti-stress food supplements helps to fight against the harmful effects of stress, both on the health of the body and on the quality of your work. You can then relax and stay focused / focused on your work. Result: a relaxing effect for a smooth end of the year!

  1. Take care of your sleep to stay efficient at work

As the end of the year approaches, fatigue often tends to accumulate. This state of fatigue can unfortunately be reinforced by stress and anxiety. During work overload, it is common to experience dif fi culties falling asleep and being prone to insomnia. These sleep disorders can affect the brain’s abilities such as attention and concentration. That’s why it’s important to take care of your sleep. In particular, it is advisable to go to bed early and avoid prolonged exposure to screens to find sleep quickly. Supplements dedicated to sleep can also help you. This is the case of melatonin, nicknamed the sleep hormone, which is often recommended as a natural anti-stress treatment in case of insomnia. Melatonin is available as supplementation in the form of spray or capsules.

In practice: Taking care of your sleep helps preserve the body’s abilities. You can bet on a beneficial sleep for the next day’s work. Result: a restful sleep to work effectively until the holidays!

  1. Have a good diet to fight stress

Like our sleep, our diet can impact our efficiency in the workplace. In fact, studies have shown that inadequate nutritional intake can favor stress states. It is therefore essential to adopt and maintain good eating habits. As a result, certain nutrients have been particularly beneficial in controlling stress and fatigue. Magnesium, a mineral known for its anti-stress effects, and certain vitamins, such as vitamin C, known for its stimulating action and its antioxidant power, are especially thought of. Antioxidant molecules help fight against the harmful effects caused by stress.

In practice: Adopting a healthy and balanced diet helps support and protect the body. You can preserve the body’s functions and limit the harmful effects of stress. Result: good nutritional intake for good results in the work!

  1. Relieve the pressure to stop stressing on a daily basis

In addition to a healthy and balanced diet, it is always recommended to practice a regular sporting activity. Essential to the good functioning of the body, this physical practice also allows de-stressing quickly and efficiently. Relaxation activities can also be recommended to learn how to better manage stress in everyday life. Whether meditation, yoga, tai chi or sophrology, there are many disciplines to help relax the body and mind.

In practice: Practicing a sports activity helps to relieve stress. Through a relaxation activity, you can also learn how to better manage your stress. Result: less stress every day!