Joint pains can occur in any aged human being and any types of joint can be affected by the joint pain. Whether you are young or old the joint pain afflicts you with its diverse effects and the causes of the joint pain are diverse. The cause is easy the joint pain occurs due to damage to the muscles, tendons, ligaments and the bursae. The injury may be mild or severe and can affect the cartilage long with the bones of the joint. The most common symptom is the pain in the joint. The pain can also be related to the tumor or the inflammation of the joint and during such cases you need to take the immediate remedial action.

Again there can be two types of the joint pains.

Acute – It is a short duration pain and may be severe in its nature. The duration can be few seconds only and ultimately the pain will decline once the healing process is applied.

Chronic – This type of joint pain is with you for a longer duration and more specialized treatment may be required for it. The patient may also need to take the medication for it. Dr. Melanie Novak MD the specialist of any type of pain has served many with her knowledge and experience in the medical field.

Causes of the Joint Pain

The arthritis has been the main cause behind the joint pain and it is basically of two types rheumatoid and the osteoarthritis. The joints become tight and stiffness occurs in them along with the pain in the autoimmune disorder known as rheumatoid. Whereas in the osteoarthritis there’s the abrasion of the cartilage surrounding the joint and the prevalent in the age group of mid-forties.

The other most common cause of the joint pain is the bursitis which is mainly the inflammation and swelling of the bursae. Dr. Melanie Novak MD is accomplished by using the right treatment for the joint pains after assessing the main problem which has caused it.

There are many other minor causes of the joint pains such as septic arthritis and various other infectious diseases.  There can be a number of external physical factors which may lead to joint pains.

Remedies and Treatment of the Joint pain

There can be a number of remedies which can be home based or clinic based. The best way to deal is to gauge the cause of the disease and hire the best specialist who can guide in the best possible way.